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Best construction Company in Kenya for Your Project

The real estate and housing market in Kenya is on the rise for a long time now. However, the last year has been a turbulent one due to the political uncertainty brought about by the extended electioneering period. This year (2018) experts believe strongly that the real estate and housing market is back on the rise again as many investors and developers, both local and foreignnow eye the lucrative market. This has come about due to the political certainty and stability and also from the projected GDP growth rate of 5.8%. There are therefore many construction projects to be carried out both big and small. Some of the biggest projects are as a matter of fact supposed to be carried out by the government itself as it promises to build affordable homes for Kenyans. This project will cost the government trillions of shillings.

With such a lucrative and promising real estate market, the only challenge that most Kenyans have is getting reliable construction companies in Kenya. There are many construction companies in Nairobi and the rest of the country and choosing one can become a tall order for many. It is imperative to choose the best construction companies in Kenya if your project will go smoothly and even become successful. This is because reliable construction companies in Kenya will oversee your entire project from start to finish doing all that is necessary to bring your dream into reality. If you have been looking to hire building contractors in Kenya, read to discover what makes good construction companies in Kenya and how you can choose the top construction companies in Kenya.

Aspects of the best construction companies in Kenya

Before you get to choose a construction company, it is important to first understand what makes a good and reliable construction company. Not all the construction companies in the country are made the same. Some will give you very attractive offers when you approach them but later do a shoddy job. Others might not even see your project to the end. It is therefore important to check for some qualities about the company you intend to hire to ascertain whether they make it to the list of the best construction companies in Nairobi and the rest of the country. Here are some essential factors to look out for.

Experience in construction – one of the most essential things to look out for is experience that the company has in construction. Of importance here is to check not for how long the company claims to have been in existence but how many projects they have carried out. Experience also means that the company has aligned itself with the best subcontractors, architects and other required professionals to carry out your project to the end. You should ensure that they have the experience you require for your project and that they always do quality work.

Registration – do not hire any company that is not a registered construction company in Kenya. All construction companies in Kenya should be registered with the National Construction Authority (NCA) In recent times there has been an increase in the number of building falling around the country. The latest one saw ten people die and injured scores of other people. When followed up by the authorities the companies that oversee such projects are usually nowhere to be found. They are not registered with the local authorities therefore when one of their shoddy projects goes bad, they close office and shift masquerading themselves again and continuing with the malice. Always make sure you ask for registration from the company.

Knowledge of regulations – there are many regulations imposed by the national agencies as well as local agencies in the different counties that govern the construction industry. Such regulations for instance govern how close to a river for instance you can erect a building or how close to a road. They also govern how high a building should go and whether it should be a commercial or residential building depending on the area. The regulations are also about safety. Without knowing such regulations and the regulations required for erecting the building then surely the company might carry out a project that will later be marked for demolition.

Expertise – another thing you should consider is the expertise of the building and construction companies in Kenya. There are many services that are offered in the construction industry and some companies might choose to specialize in one or the other. Some companies for instance are house construction companies in Kenya only doing residential projects. Such a company might not be the best for carrying out a huge commercial project. They might not do it as well as a company that has expertise in carrying out large commercial projects. If for instance you want to build a home then it will be logical if you go for home builders in Kenya.

Communication skills and professionalism – there are many aspects that will go into your project and therefore communication with the company is important. They should be able to explain everything to you clearly on what is required, what you expect and at what time. They should also be able to put everything they tell you in writing so that you have an agreement that you can always go back to. Professionalism is very important, remember you are laying your trust on the company and leaving your dreams to them. Not to forget you are investing a lot of money on the project which therefore means you only want to have the best for your project. If you gut feeling tells you the company is not acting as professional as they should be then it might be time to move on to the next one.

Reputation – as stated earlier on, not all construction companies in Kenya are built the same. You should therefore check for the reputation of the company. Word of mouth is one of the ways to ascertain the reputation of the company. You can also do a simple Google search of the company to see if they have any reviews on Google or even if they have an online presence.

When you have ascertained all these aspects about a company and other important factors like insurance, licensing, the kind of technologies they use and other issues of importance to you then you can rest assured that you are dealing with a top construction company in Kenya.

How to choose the best construction company in Kenya

Before deciding on one Construction Company to use, you should first have a list of at least three of the ones you consider best. Usually those that have met all the aspects mentioned above. From the three then it is time to qualify one that will really meet your needs. Here is how you can qualify the right construction company in Kenya for your needs.

Consider your budget – the budget is very important because it determines the quality of the work that the company will deliver to you. Do not go for the company that gives you the least bid amount. This is because they might not deliver what you really want but what fits in the budget. Here therefore you should check for the company that promises to deliver exactly what you want for the least amount. They should also be able to complete the project in a reasonable time frame.

Ask for references – do not forget to ask the company for references that you can talk with. If they do not provide any references for a project like yours, chances are they have not carried out such a project before. You should therefore ensure that you do the due diligence before you agree on the company to qualify.

Pricing – before the project starts, the company should be able to give you the most accurate pricing for your project. However, sometimes the pricing might change depending on certain factors. In such a scenario the company should be able to communicate with you efficiently before time and explain why the changes in pricing or even give you solutions on what to do to keep the pricing as agreed.

Materials to be used – some unscrupulous companies might give you a quote stating they are using high quality materials but undercut you and use cheap materials or materials of low quality. Once you have agreed on the quality of the materials and resources to be use for your building and construction project, the company should not change that. They should always stick to the agreed materials. If you find that the company is not very clear on the materials they will be using then they might not be the best for you.

Can they handle your project – not all companies can be able to handle projects of all magnitudes. It is therefore important that you know whether the company can be able to handle the project you have effectively.

There are many construction companies in Kenya to choose from and if you follow this guide closely you will have the best construction company in Kenya working on your project. With the real estate and housing market at a boom, it is best to ensure that your project is of high quality for the best returns.